Achievements of IWPCo till 1386:

  1. providing, transferring and reserving water
  2. Clean electrical power generation from the renewable resources
  3. Controlling destructive floods
  4. Agricultural splendor
  5. Technology transfer and local construction, implementation and execution
  6. Developing Technical–engineering capacity of local consulting companies and contractors
  7. Regional development
  8. Training managers and experts and man power development in each phase of project implementation
  9. Environmental results coming from not using fossil fuels in energy generation
  10. Prudence resulted from not using fossil fuels
  11. Contribution for network stability

In the following, each of the above topics is described:

1.providing, transferring and reserving water

IWPCo is studying and implementing projects with the aim of supplying and providing water needed for different kinds of consumption, besides the hydropower Energy generation. In this regard, supplying more than 40 billion m3 of water has been studied and is in the process of execution.

In the following graph, the status of water resources supply by the projects of IWPCo is presented:


2.Clean electrical power generation from the renewable resources

IWPCo has in process of study, execution and operation of totally a capacity of 26000 MW hydropower power-plants, which are shown in the following table. Generating a capacity of 4000 MW is achieved by completed projects of IWPCo.

Also in the following figure, the process of capacity growth of hydropower power-plants in the country is clearly shown.


3.Controlling destructive floods

Constructing different dams by IWPCo has controlled destructive floods such as Karkheh, Karun and Dez Rivers floods with billions of cubic meters annual volume. It should be noted that before these actions, because of lack of ability in flood controlling and the life loss damages, billions of Rials had been lost annually for the damages to the farms and gardens, infrastructure equipments, residential units, etc.

In this regard it can be mentioned that before construction of Karkheh Dam, annually the average of more than 50 billion Rials of damages resulted from floods had been reported in this region. Controling the floods of this river and preventing from repetition of the mentioned damages over the main achievements of IWPCo. After operation of Karun 3 dam in Karun River, a flood with the discharge of 13000 m3/s was controlled in 2005. Damages estimation of this flood –if it were not controlled- has been calculated and is shown in the following table:

Maximum entrance flood to Karun 3 River (m3/s) Maximum exit flood from Karun3 River (m3/s) Decrease of estimated damages (Billion Rials)
13000 5000 350

4.Agricultural splendor

Reserving big volumes of entering water to the dam reservoirs constructed by IWPCo has made it possible to irrigate thousands of hectares of agricultural fields. Considering the development of Dez and Karun regional agricultural fields, the following points show the importance of this strategic achievement:

  • Total potential of cultivatable lands of Karun and Dez regions are 500 thousand hectares. (Dez region 200 and Karun region 300 thousand hectares)
  • Existing agricultural and under cultivation fields of these two regions is about 300000 hectares.
  • There is possibility of developing 50000 hectares of agricultural fields with operation of Karun 3 dam.
  • There is possibility of developing all potentials of agricultural fields (500000 hectors) after operation of all dams in this region which are now in the stages of construction or feasibility studies.
  • There is possibility of using 85% of the water potentials of this region, in case all these dams are completed.

In Karkheh region also the following points show the importance of this achievement:

  • Agricultural potential of down-stream lands of Karkheh dam is about 355000 hectares.
  • Agricultural potential of up-stream lands of Karkheh dam is 40000 hectares.
  • Developed lands after operation of Karkheh dam will become 260000 hectares.
  • There is possibility of developing a considerable part of upstream lands after operation of Tang Mashore dam.
  • Karkheh agricultural fields can be developed to 100% and 95% of the existing potential; in two scenarios of cultivating patterns according to the existing water resources..
  • There is possibility of using 85% of the water potentials of this region, in case of complete development.

5.Technology transfer and local construction, implementation and execution

IWPCo has been able to increase and develop the client capacities in designing and supervising different hydropower projects and boost the capacities of local consultants for proper execution of projects, while increasing local contractor potentials. With these efforts now the country has reached to 100% of its potential to implement the dam and power plant projects and 70% of its potential to manufacture required equipments locally.

 6.Developing Technical–Engineering Capacity of Local Consulting Companies and Contractors

During recent years, IWPCo has benefited from the cooperation of local contractors and consultants. Due to this matter it has prevented big amounts of payments to foreign contractors and consultants. This matter has also resulted in growth of scientific and technological abilities of local consultants and contractors and has created variety of jobs in this field.

 7.Regional development

  • Creating tens of thousands of occupational opportunities in different sections

Establishing a tourism center and providing the possibility of expanding the tourism and fishery industry

  • Supplying water and irrigating the regions where the project is implemented

  • Supplying electricity to the project region

8.Training managers and experts and man power development in each phase of project implementation

9.Environmental results coming from not using fossil fuels in energy generation

Recently in discussions related to the energy, fundamental issues such as optimum usage of the energy for avoiding environment pollution are considered. In this regard according to the carried out estimations, in the present time environmental expenses resulting from generating each kilowatt/h of electricity by the thermal power plants considering its social, environmental and economical loss is almost 1.8 cent. Considering this matter, one of the main achievements of IWPCo is saving billions of Rials annually, which is gained by generating clean energy.

The amount of these savings in 2006, according to generation of 18000 million Kilowatt/h of electricity is estimated about 3000 billion Rials which will have an ascending procedure in future years.

10.Prudence resulted from not using fossil fuels

Regarding the fossil fuels resources limitations in the world and considerable increasing of the fuel price and considering the point that hydropower plants -as one of the main generators of clean energy- does not need fossil fuels; one of the other important achievements of IWPCo is national prudence resulted from this issue, in a way that only at the end of 2006, hydropower plants of the country, generating 18000 million kilowatt/ h of electricity and without using any fossil fuel have saved 7500 billion Rials. With expansion the hydro electric power plants in the future, we are expecting more savings in this field.

11. Contribution for network stability

Network frequency controlling is usually done through hydropower plants. At the present time, besides Dez dam power plant, Karun 3 dam power plant is also used for this purpose and due to the possibility of rapid entrance of these types of power plants into the circle, sudden changes are controlled with their entrance or exit.


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