Behavior Principles and Moral Values Manifesto of IWPCo Employees

We –the employees of IWPCo- believe that together with our consultants and contractors; we establish the large family of IWPCo to serve the great Iranian nation in the area of hydropower industry. We also respect the following behavior principles and moral values and try our best to attain them:

  1. Belief in religious and national culture and its pursuit in our speech and behavior, especially in relations with colleagues and clients with emphasis on abstinence, justice, dignity and temperance
  2. Observing of the moral values in organizational and individual relations with sincerity, honesty and frankness
  3. Respect, politeness and dignity toward the colleagues and the manner of accepting criticism, being responsible and revering mutual trust
  4. Respecting the manner of working hard in the area of construction, providing service to people and acquiring client’s satisfaction
  5. Participation in decision making and collaboration toward achievement of the company goals and implementing its programs
  6. Complete observance of administrative rules and regulations and keeping away from any kind of abuse of position, discrimination in professional relations and striving for security of organizational information
  7. Committing ourselves to accurate and on-time accomplishment of responsibilities and creating a balance between the individual and organizational benefits, giving priority to the organizational benefits
  8. Paying attention to the position of the company and respecting the rights, roles and legal responsibilities of the beneficiaries of the company
  9. Developing and improving the organization’s knowledge and experience as the company’s assets and sharing them with colleagues, consultants, contractors and all of the beneficiaries within the framework of the company’s regulations
  10. Giving value to time and punctuality in activities and obligations and respecting the rights of the colleagues and clients
  11. Respecting order and discipline in the workplace and dressing in line with the religious and national values
  12. Optimum use of the company resources and preventing any kind of squander by wise saving and omission of extra protocols

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