• Mission

IWPCo -as one of the Sub-Sections of Water Resources Management Department of the Government- considers himself responsible for developing hydropower capacities (especially major dams), reserving and transferring of water in the country. In order to accomplish this mission, IWPCo plays the role of a powerful developing agent and helps the growth of private sector and attracts public participation in this regard -by undertaking the responsibility of the private sector in the area of investment and management of Hydropower Projects.

Apart from direct executive management of these projects, IWPCo helps the management of water and power industry of the country improve by developing the engineering and administrative capabilities of the private sector.

  • Scope Of Activities

In view of its mission, IWPCo is implementing a series of activities, including study, review, providing (local and international) financial resources, executive management of the projects, quality control of implementation, and commissioning and transferring of the establishments.

In order to take maximum advantage from the local potentials, IWPCo hands over the management services of the major projects to other employers in Water and Power Section.

  • Beliefs & Value

  1. IWPCo believes in developing the capabilities of local private sector –including consultants, contractors, manufacturers and investors- and emphasizes on establishing a network of the qualified companies in this regard. In order to help improvement of the private sector companies, IWPCo tries to give services only in areas where the private sector is neither able nor interested to enter.
  2. بConsidering the nature of the activities, IWPCo follows the method of “small core and effective network” to acquire enough flexibility and efficiency. Therefore the key personnel of the company should be selected from the best and the most experienced experts.
  3. IWPCo pays especial attention to the local societies where its projects are being implemented and tries to help the development of the region. IWPCo also makes effort for clarifying the positive effects of the projects to attract contribution of the local societies for better implementation of the projects.
  4. IWPCo is committed to preservation of environment and cultural heritage, and implements its projects according to the relevant standards.
  5. IWPCo considers the Regional Water Companies as its colleagues and acts in a way that these agents consider it as their supporting partner.
  6. The company’s administrative methods are designed according to the effective patterns and in line with Information Technology. In this regard; efficiency, economical productivity, competition potentials and flexibility should become key principles among all its personnel’s.
  7. Regarding the management and quality standards, the first priority for IWPCo is the on-time completion of the projects.
  8. The acquired knowledge by IWPCo is considered as national asset and in this regard IWPCo follows the policy of transferring this knowledge to the other private and governmental organizations.
  9. In respect of other contractual parties, IWPCo acts clearly and according to the rules and regulation.
  10. While tendering projects, the local companies are considered more prior than the foreign ones.
  11. IWPCo considers its man power as the most essential asset and respects the improvement of their capabilities and skills.

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