Promoting the level of client management system, improving and optimizing of productivity, systemizing the activities and processes are among the main concerns of IWPCo as the employer of the hydropower projects of the country during recent years. In this direction, necessary measures have been taken to find proper solutions. Since 1382, based on feasibility studies of quality control system and their advantages, quality control system was established in IWPCo. The purposes and advantages of this system, based on ISO9001:2000 standard are as following:

  • Systemizing activities
  • Recognition and documentation of working procedures
  • Promoting the quality of client services and implementing projects
  • Encouraging the consultants and contractors, as the chain of IWPCo’s credit, to use international and valid management systems.
  • Managing processes and procedures using the approaches introduced in the mentioned standard.
  • Continues improvement of activities and procedures using the approaches of the mentioned standards.
  • Formation of a suitable infrastructure for carrying out the other activities in a systematized form under the quality management system.

According to the above issues, since 2004 designing and establishing the quality management system was started with organizing 16 committees, with cooperation of more than 150 employees and managers and finally in February 2006 the company succeeded to receive ISO9001:2000 license from DNV institute. After issuance of the license, activities related to preservation and improvement of the system began.

Structure of Quality Management System

Quality management system of the company consists of 49 procedures. For each procedure an official identity card has been prepared which includes target, responsible person of the process, functional key indices, input, output, activity and customer. Interaction between processes is defined in procedural plan of the company. Also 78 executive method, 41 working instructions and 290 forms are defined in company’s Quality management system.

Quality policy of the company includes management commitment to the system and standard necessities.

Achievements of the company after system establishment:

  • Establishing the culture of team work according to the achieved experiences in designing phase and quality system establishment by different working groups
  • Smooth flow of activities and defining responsibilities
  • Systemizing activities by defining the working procedures
  • Establishing of a common language between the contractors and the consultants in the field of quality management
  • Encouraging the contractors and consultants to improve their function and to use quality management system and other supreme managerial systems for optimizing activities according to the primitive evaluation approach
  • Possibility of recognizing weak points and existing difficulties within the frame of quality management system and according to the domestic auditing plans
  • Targeting improvement of activities and procedure, considering quality policy of the company and implementing improvement and transformation of the projects on this basis
  • Gradual improvements with reformation and prevention measures, including recognition of the reasons of nonconformities and systematic elimination of such nonconformities

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