IWPCo’s standpoint regarding the importance of
quality implementation of the projects and activities

IWPCo -as one of the Sub-Sections of Water Resources Management Department of the Government- considers himself responsible for developing hydropower capacities (especially major dams), reserving and transferring of water in the country. In order to accomplish this mission, IWPCo plays the role of a powerful developing agent and helps the growth of private sector and attracts public participation in this regard -by undertaking the responsibility of the private sector in the area of investment and management of Hydropower Projects.

Management of the company believes that proper achievement of the mentioned assignment and improvement of the clients’ satisfaction requires use of appropriate managerial systems. For this purpose and regarding the role of quality in activities, IWPCo hereby announces its goals as follows:

  1. Review and implementation of the projects considering the project management and quality control standards and emphasizing on reducing the completion period of the projects; excellent designing and implementation according to the technical services standards within the framework of the defined costs
  2. Improvement of the employer’s supervision of the consultants and contractors in implementation of the projects and controlling their quality systems
  3. Constant improvement of systems and processes in order to increase the productivity of the company, respecting the information technology
  4. Enhancement of the knowledge, skills and potentials of the required human resources
  5. Providing a competitive environment and equal opportunities for consultants and contractors to conclude cooperation contracts for the projects
  6. Emphasizing on concise studies and paying attention to the environmental, social and cultural heritage issues in implementation of the projects

In this regard the quality management system has been designed according to ISO 9001-2000. Since successful practice of this standard depends on the active participation of all the colleagues; all of the deputies, project managers, independent office directors and managers are not only expected to consider this standard in their activities, but also explain and define them for their staff and request their full cooperation in this regard. It is evident that IWPCo management will also support the attempts made in this concern and provides necessary grounds.


Ali Akbar Zahmatkesh
Managing Director and
Chairman of the Board

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