Last Name and First Name: Amini Kafiabadi, Hamidreza
Position: Director of Contrasts and L/C Office
Education: BS. Civil Engineering
University: Sharif University of Technology


Last Name and First Name: Jalali, Shahram
Position: Director, Foreign Projects Office
Education: BS. Civil Engineering- M.A MBA fsinantial
University: Islamic Azad University - Noor Touba


Last Name and First Name: ‌Kamali, Saeed
Position: Manager of Law and Land confiscation Department
Education: B.S. in Law
University: Azad University of Tehran Center


Last Name and First Name: ‌Khandehjam, Amir
Position: Manager of Public Relations Office
Education: MA in Communication Sciences


Last Name and First Name: ‌Torkamand, Saeedeh
Position: Manager of CEO and Board of Directors Office
Education: B.S. in Education Science
University: Varamin Payam Noor University
















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